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We always felt like somebody took a big sip of our wine without asking. We decided to change that by starting WineJump
WineJump liberates the wine trade. WineJump fixes a broken system and offers a new way forward that is both just and fair – for both the winemakers and the wine lovers.
Today, consumers buy many products directly from the producers. This practice benefits both the producers and the consumers. Now for the first time, WineJump makes this possible for wine as well.
Selling and buying wine across country borders comes with complicated laws and taxes. The middleman solution is to offer wines to consumers through their established businesses, warehouses, distributors and retail stores. But this adds costs. As a result, producers get less for their wines or consumers pay more. Often it is both. Also, when consumers can only buy what the middlemen have decided to import, so there is a lot of great handcrafted wine they cannot access.
WineJump changes all that – now wine loving consumers can walk up to the cellar door of their choice and buy directly from the wine estates, without the middleman.
No mark-ups are added by WineJump. Without markup’s there are no fake discounts. So, we jump all that nonsense too.
€1 per bottle
To use the marketplace and for WineJump to handle all the hassle with customs and taxes, wine estates pay a fixed sales fee of €1/btl. It does not matter if the wine costs €10 or €100. The fee is the same because the problem WineJump solves is the same. We believe that is fair.
Already 1.500 wineries are selling their wines on WineJump to wine drinkers in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. In 2021 we will make WineJump available to even more wine lovers in more countries.
About the founders
WineJump was founded by wine enthusiasts and friends Thomas and Marco. Early in his career Danish born Thomas worked for the government on business development and trade. Later he ventured into the wine trade as an importer and retailer. As an engineer, Marco (German) knew how to develop complex software solutions. In WineJump Thomas and Marco along with a great team of wine enthusiasts and professionals from around Europe came together to build the solution that liberates the wine trade: a fully compliant, fully automated, and truly hassle-free way to buy and sell wine across borders, direct from the cellar door. Just wine.

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